Thursday, February 14, 2013

Painted: Sorcha Variant in Winter White

Here Ya go buddy!
My friend Erik is one of the nicest people I know (just don't tell him that!). He always has my back and has done more than he will ever be given credit for in supporting the local gaming community in Trenton/Belleville.

He also takes care of my house when I go away on vacation :)

So for all the snow shovelling, lawn mowing, tournament running, forum policing  plant watering and general kindness that he brings to the table, I like to thank him with something he can throw down on the table and stomp people with (in style!)

Aside from being a great guy, Erik is an extremely viscous Khador player with a particular love of character assassination runs starring his Kommander Sorcha.  (Drives me nuts - so if anyone out there has tips on neutralizing this particular piece of Khadorian nastiness do let me know....LOL!)

In the Khador book is a picture of Sorcha painted in a white outfit. For this Alternate model version of her Erik requested that I paint her in a similar "Winter White" alternate colour scheme. I decided to focus on surface textures to break up the potential monotony of a mostly white figure - and I think it really worked out! The hard armour was inspired by Stormtroopers from a certain galaxy far far away and is painted in a gloss coated white with sharp black delineation. In order to keep it from becoming too smple/plain I painted the metal grieves etc in a mixture of brown + black and a metallic tone. I think the touch warmth really adds to the overall appearance and makes it look more natural.

In contrast to the slick white armour, I painted the coat in many small soft brushstrokes with a bit of underbelly blue (SP?) mixed into the shadows. This gave it a much more cloth or short nap fur like appearance and makes an excellent contrast to the metals and hard armour. Quite pleased with this really.

The face was painted with Reaper flesh tone triads - mostly the rosy triad in this case - to reflect the redness a Khadorian winter wind would be sure to bring out in fair Sorcha....

The metals were painted with a GW tin bits (or whatever the colour is called now - warplock bronze I think?) base and then highlighted with Reaper Pewter and P3 Radiant Platinum. I like these metal colours because they are a little warmer in their undertones - something I make use of quite often.

I then used Vallejo Verdigris glaze to create the power glow created by Sorcha's spellcasting. I carried this Verdigris colour down into the ice/water at the bottom of the basing and brushed a bit of it up onto the underside of the (cork) rock formation to suggest a bit of a mystical glow sympathetic to what was occuring on the weapon.  The rock was painted in GW Charadon Granite and then drybrushed with some lighter grey tones and a little weathering pigment. The gear is a watch gear weathered with paint and AK Interactive rust pigments. The snow is LePage's No More Nails construction adhesive with a bit of GW Snow flock added to the top. I then used a bit of water effects resin and super glue to create the ice a the bottom.

Overall this was a fun and fairly successful paintjob! I think Erik will be proud to field the model and I am already terrified to face it! What more could be asked for. :)

Coming soon - another Khadorian caster and Gun Carriage I did for Erik, some new wreck markers, finishing off some old projects and continuing updates on the Beastman project!!!


Unknown said...

To stop the "Sorcha Dash" don't leave a charge lane or shoot her in the face!


Unknown said...

Did you assemble the model? I'm having trouble with her weapon, the hands are too small to pin into I wondered if you had any tips. Iv tried searching but not seen any for this sculpt