Tuesday, May 31, 2016

{T} Rolling Along..... Minimal input for Maximum Style! Fennblades 2.0

Howdy readers, back again with some Trollblood building goodness! A few small updates this week.
I know I said I would be continuing with my Long Riders, but I am still waiting on some conversion parts from PP so Ill end up rolling them out a little more slowly and showing a few other things first!

Which brings me to my Fennblades! A while back I wrote a very favorable review of the Fennblades kit - where my only real concern was the repetition of models - not really a big issue for most - but always a minor thing that grates on me. Back then - my intent was a quick paint to play kind of army.... since that idea has completely fallen off the rails with me now converting and personalizing the majority of models in this army, I have decided to revisit these sword wielding dervishes!

Being beautifully simple 2 piece models, however, leaves me with very few choices how to modify them without major re sculpting. Then again, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best :)

Head Swaps!!!

Grabbed the clippers, knife and a file and had 4 of their heads off in no time flat! Some of the extra metal heads I have bits ordered or cannibalized from other kits and a tiny bit of greenstuff for new necks/gap filling and I had successfully added genuine variety to the unit.

Plus I still have the limited Fennblade "kilt lifter" to assemble which means with the 5 unique bodies in the box,4 conversions and the lifter I have 10 different models now in the unit! (plus 1 left over for the bits box!) With that this unit of really great looking models will look even greater (which will line up nicely with their rumored new greater utility - CLEAVE FTW!!!!)

Since this was a pretty small edit and simple conversion- I also had the time to clean and prep my Dhunian Knot - I LOVE these models. Brian Dugas is to trolls what Brian Nelson was to Orks back in the day - stylized fresh and genuinely interesting sculpts! As I showed before I bought two sets of these - one to use for conversion (like my super cool Fire Eater conversion and my equally satisfying Runeshaper Conversion) - and the other I chose to simply assemble as is! They are so nicely sculpted and with such variety that I saw no reason to do otherwise.

I can already tell these will be that hybrid of a joy to paint because of the character and cool details while simultaneously being a paint to do because of the same multitude of fiddly small things to paint!!! #firstworldgamerproblems LOL!

That being said, I am having so much fun building the models that I haven't really painted anything in a while - Id best start figuring out what Im going to do about that before the AMAZING crew over at Moose Machine start teasing me about it...... (see what I did there...no?... it was  plug for my favorite Warmahordes podcast! You should watch it too.)

Till next week
James TKKultist Craig

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